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Lube Advisor

Want to know what type of Gear Oil , Engine Oil , Hydraulic Oil , Transmission Oil your machine , vehicle  or equipment needs , speak with our in-house Lube Advisor and he can assist you by making the right choice for your equipment/machine or vehicle .. 

Our Advisor is constantly updated by shell Global on the Technical aspects of Shell Lubrication  oils and greases and their specific application so you can trust that you are being guided by wealth of knowledge when it comes to Lubrication expertise.. 

Lube Advisory Customer Support 

Our Lube Advisory front line support to our customer covers the following;

  • Recommendation of appropriate Shell Lube/Oil products for each customer's specific application

  • Assist customers identify and recommend Shell equivalent products when need arises to change form other brand of Lube Oils/Greases

  • Perform troubleshooting and problem-solving tasks related to Lubricants. including making recommendations for solution with Shell products for improved efficiency

  • Assist customer to perform plant and equipment audits, conduct lubrication surveys and create technical proposal to recommend Shell product solution and training to customers

  • Advisor customer on health, safety, security, and environmental and product disposal guidelines

  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering.

  • Palm Oil Mill Engineer with NBPOL from 2006 – 2011.

  • Project Engineer with Daikin PNG Limited from 2012 – 2013.

  • Lubricants Technical Officer with InterOil/Puma Energy from 2013 – 2015.

  • Lubricants Technical Advisor with Pacific Energy Aviation from 2016 – Current.

  • Shell PNG DFLTS (Distributor Front Line Technical Staff) – current.

  • Member of the Asian Pacific Shell Technical Team.

  • Certified Shell Lube Clinic On-site Lube Oil Testing and Analysis Technician.

  • Conduct Lubrication Seminars.

  • Conducts lubricants selection and application, storage and handling including dispensing and HSSE trainings.

  • Conduct Plant Lubrication Audits/surveys.

  • Conduct Lubrication Failures Analysis.

  • Currently at professional level with Shell Lubricants Technical Staff training program.

  • Have knowledge in lubricants base oil, additive technology, inclusive of grease technology.

  • Have knowledge in lubrication failure modes.

Name: Maison Kungra
System & Service Knowledge
  1. Use Shell LubeMatch & Shell LubeAdvisor online Systems to determine which shell products is appropriate for a customer's application 

  2. Use Shell LubeAnalyst service to test customer oil samples to help our Team make better product recommendations to our customers

Above: Maison attending Shell Technical Seminar in Singapore, 2018

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