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Technical Services

 Critical Applications need Special Help

At Pacific Islands Energy we provide Lubricants Tech-Support for all our customers from small to large scale operations; whether it be advice on lubrication selection for your new equipment, old equipment, solving lubrication maintenance issues we can help assist with the best advice. We also provide the following;

"We provide Our Customers with the Best Technical Support Service"


Lube Advisor Service 

Shell LubeAdvisor is designed to ensure you use the right oil, at the right time, every time – helping you to make cost savings. As part of the service, we offer detailed plant audits, lubrication surveys and technical support from our specialists (both over the phone and on-site). We’ll work with you to develop a service that meets your individual needs.

Lube Coach Services

Selecting the right lubricant for your machinery is just one piece of the puzzle. Our lubrication specialist offer training and workshops to share best-practice lubrication procedures with your people, ensuring you get the most effective results from your equipment.

Optimizing the application of lubrication in your operations can play a decisive role in minimizing down time and maximizing productivity, translating directly to your bottom line. Through Shell LubeCoach your staff gets access to our high-quality training materials to optimize the utilization of lubricants to assure the successful day-to-day operation of your facility.


Shell's new online chat tool gives you answers to questions about oils and lubes.

The LubeAnalyst service delivers great value

Many leading shipping companies use Shell LubeAnalyst as an important part of their planned and predictive maintenance strategies to help deliver:

  • greater equipment reliability and reduced downtime through early diagnosis of potential faults

  • accurate and timely results worldwide: analysis for all normal samples is available within two

  • working days of the samples reaching the Shell laboratory

  • lower machine repair costs

  • high safety standards

  • precise monitoring of operating efficiency.

  • Used oil and equipment monitoring

  • Shell  LubeAnalyst is an oil condition monitoring service that helps to ensure that your equipment and lubricants are in optimum working order by identifying potential oil or equipment failures before they become critical. This service is designed to help save money and time on maintenance.

  • Our service covers every type of vessel machinery.

  • Your samples are analysed by a multidisciplinary team of marine and lubricant experts when you opt for the Plus or Pro service.

  • We provide local-language reports and web systems.

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