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Lubricant Tips

Adhesive Wear


What is Adhisive Wear?  

One of the primary concerns with machinery lubrication is wear generation. Understanding this process, why it occurs, its presence and development, how to detect and analyze it, and what prevention measures need to take place to avert it can greatly improve site equipment reliability and work to minimize associated downtime resulting in a more profitable and enjoyable workplace. Let’s take a closer look at adhesive wear and discuss the noted parameters mentioned above.

Four Lethal Diesel Engine Oil Contaminants

Engine 1.png

Some contaminants are important to monitor and analyze because they are root causes of premature oil degradation and engine failure. Other contaminants are symptomatic of an active failure condition that requires a response other than just an oil change.

5 Common Lubrication Problems and How to Fix Them

5 Common 1.png

One of the greatest opportunities I have as a technical consultant is the chance to walk through various plants around the world. I have visited power plants, food-processing plants, refineries, manufacturing facilities and a long list of others.

During these trips and audits, I have discovered several recurring lubrication issues that seem to be widespread throughout the industry. The following is a list of the most common problems and how they should be resolved.


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