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Pacific Energy Aviation Limited (PNG)

Pacific Energy Aviation Limited (PNG) is a subsidiary of the wider group Pacific Islands Energy which have multiple  Seaboard Terminals and Retails Site in and around the Pacific Islands which stretches  from Vanuatu to Tahiti . In PNG we trade as Pacific Energy Aviation (PNG) Limited or PEAL for Short. PEAL is the largest Aviation Re-fuller and Supply in the country to which most of it's services is to the Jackson 's Airport in Port Moresby servicing domestic and international flights.  In 2015 PEAL took ownership as a Macro Distributor of Shell Oil and Grease Products in PNG . PEAL currently service and distributors to over 30 different locations around PNG by moving products from our warehouse in LAE and Port Moresby to respective B2B and B2C clients  around the country.  Our Lubricant products ranges from Gear oils, Hydraulic Oils, Heat Transfer oils, Transformer Oils, Engine Oils, Transmission Oils and we supply in Bulk Bladders as well where the  need arises.. 

Shell Lubricants

15th Year in a Row - Named #1 Global Lubricants Supplier


Shell is the number one global lubricant supplier and has a 70-year history of innovation. Together with Shell we provide a full range of lubricants including synthetic high-performance products. Due to the products and customer value propositions offered we are delivering the lubrication needed by most of the large industrial customers in the region.

These superior oils and lubricants products work to clean and protect the engines, improve their performance and prolonging their lives. Therefore, some of the world’s top manufacturers choose Shell Lubricants as the first-fill motor oil for new vehicles in their factories and continue to use and recommend a range of these products for on-going servicing.

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