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"Total cost of ownership in Lubrication is geared towards helping our customers understand the direct & indirect cost of  a Lubricant product when purchased for use."

We can work with you to help your business achieve greater results, using the highest quality lubricants from Shell and expert solutions backed up by Shell 70 years of innovation to sustain long term savings and increase equipment value.

Components of Total Cost of Ownership

 The total cost of Shell lubricants and greases. 

The total cost of the correct maintenance and business processes.

The potential increase in costs due to improper selection of lubricants. 

The potential decrease in component life owing to poor maintenance.

The potential increase in costs from loss of production and equipment downtime.                                   

Other variable costs related to lubrication and lubrication management such as leaks, handling/dispensing, admin, training, and others..

"It's not just Procurement Cost of a product we take into account but all the estimate costs indirect and direct cost related to the product we consider before making a choice to buy a product "

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